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Richmond Road Concrete Repair Project

Construction Begins: August 2021 Calendar event icon.
Construction Completion: October 2021 Calendar event icon.

Original Release: 1/28/2021

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Richmond Road (S.R. 175) Concrete Repair Project

➜ The City of Lyndhurst, working in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), will be performing concrete pavement repairs on Richmond Road (S.R. 175) between Meadow Wood Boulevard to Mayfield Road (U.S. 322). CUY-S.R. 175-07.97 (Richmond Road) - PID 114329 is being coordinated by ODOT. The project will consist of removing, undercutting, and replacing deteriorated concrete pavement and joints. These improvements will extend the lifetime of the roadway and improve rideability. The project will also include upgrades to curb ramps at the intersections of Richmond Road-Clubside Road, Richmond Road-Bristol Court, Richmond Road-Haverford Road, and Richmond Road-Oakmont Drive for increased handicap mobility.

➜ Traffic on Richmond Road (S.R. 175) will be maintained in both directions during all phases of construction. Phase 1 of construction will maintain one northbound and one southbound lane of traffic as the pavement is replaced in both curb lanes. Phase 2 will flip the construction zone and traveling public lanes. Phase 2 will maintain one northbound lane and one southbound lane on both the curb lanes. Construction will take place in the two inner lanes during Phase 2. All intersections will remain open and residents who live on Richmond Road will be given access to their houses.

➜ Project Schedule:

• Design Complete - February 2021
• Project Award - May 2021
• Construction Begin - August 2021
• Construction Completion - October 2021

➜ Estimated Construction Cost:

• $700,355.00 - 80% is funded by ODOT

➜ Project Funding Sources:

• ODOT Urban Paving Funds

➜ Representative:

• Lyndhurst Ward 4 - Stephen C. Grushetsky Sr.

➜ Public Input:

The City of Lyndhurst is seeking public input regarding this project. Comments may be sent to:

Jeff Filarski, City Engineer
22999 Forbes Road, Suite B
Oakwood Village, Ohio 44146
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By phone at (440) 399-0810 ☎ or email via email to ✉.

Comments will be received until February 28, 2021.

Thank you.


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