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Important Information for Snow Plow Operators and Anyone That Hires Them Within the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

Original Release: 12/3/2020

A snow plow operator plows heavy white snow during winter.

The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio requires all Commercial Snow Plow Operators to obtain a permit.

In applying for a permit, the owner must show (1) that his vehicles are registered as commercial vehicles, (2) that he has liability insurance on the vehicles, and (3) that he has the necessary emergency equipment on the vehicle.

When these requirements are met, a permit will be issued. This permit allows the operator to plow snow for a fee in the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio.

When the city issues this permit, it assumes no responsibility for the performance, or lack of performance, of the various operators that obtain it.

Therefore, we are requesting that you not sign a contract prior to an operator showing you proof that they are licensed to operate in the City of Lyndhurst, Ohio.

☛ REMEMBER: It is illegal to deposit snow in the street or block public sidewalks while plowing, shoveling or snow blowing your driveway. Violators may be prosecuted.


Information provided by: The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio
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