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From The Police Department
Winter 2015

Released: 1/31/2015
Visit The Police Department Section of the Lyndhurst City Website With winter upon us, we remind all motorists to exercise caution in their travels. Rear end crashes as a result of following too closely are one of our most common motor vehicle accidents throughout the year. Remember that stopping on snow and ice takes more time than on dry pavement, so leave extra space between your vehicle and the one you're behind, and slow down.
During heavy snowfall residents must remember to clear snow from sidewalks to keep them passable and keep fire hydrants clear of snow. Snow piles should not be higher than three feet or closer than three feet to the curb so as not to obstruct the view of drivers or pedestrians (especially children) exiting driveways. Snow should not be pushed onto your neighbors' property or into the street, either by you or your private contractor.
Finally remember that there is no parking on city streets when snow levels exceed two inches. Vehicles parked in violation of this automatic "snow ban" are at risk of being towed.
Rick Porrello
Chief of Police

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