From The Lyndhurst Garden Club
Released: 2/1/2010
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The Lyndhurst Garden Club was founded in June 1937. We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of every month, (except January, July, and August) at the Lyndhurst Community Center. Guests and prospective members are welcome at our meeting on March 4 2010, when Shawn Belt from Cleveland Botanical Gardens will give a presentation about the Green Corps.
What else does the Garden Club do?
We tend the gardens at the Little Red Schoolhouse (behind the Board of Education building), the Sundial Garden (just outside the main entrance to the Community Center), and annually decorate holiday trees displayed at the SEL Library and Lyndhurst City Hall.
Mark your calendars now for these two very popular events in the month of May (additional details will appear in a future e-newsletter issue): Annuals Plant Sale and Perennials Plant Sale. By the way, the plants for the Perennials Sale come from Garden Club members' own gardens.
Another highlight from 2009 was attending "Garden Club of Northeast Ohio Night" sponsored by the Lake County Captains baseball team. Each participating garden club submitted a floral arrangement at the First Annual Captains' Flower Show. The blue ribbon First Prize was awarded to a Lyndhurst Garden Club member! Her arrangement included a "baseball" made of white carnations and dried Alliums painted red, white, and blue, representing a fireworks display.
We also provide a scholarship award to a horticultural student, create "Tray Favors" for "Meals on Wheels" (in 2009 we made origami pumpkins), and have a summer potluck!
Come and grow with us!

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