From The Lyndhurst Municipal Court
Released: 9/27/2010
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Judge Mary Kaye Bozza enjoys her opportunities educating the community through her participation in various outreach programs. Recently, she addressed a widow/widowers group called Chapter II. She educated the members about safety in their homes, safety when they drive to and from events and safety while shopping. The group showed a particular interest in theft cases that involve scams and identity takeover resulting in abuse of bank or credit card accounts. There was discussion about computer scams and telecommunications received by phone or email requesting money. For example: Being contacted by someone who claims to be calling on behalf of a family member such as a grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, etc. The caller tells you your family member is stranded in a foreign land, or in an accident and hospitalized in a remote location needing immediate medical attention, or in jail due to a false arrest needing bond money in order to be released. They instruct you to send or wire a bank check to a third person. These are scams! If you receive one of these calls or emails and are unsure what to do, contact your local police department. Do not send money. Do not give your personal information over the telephone. The Judge was pleased to see how aware the members were regarding these scams.
For two weeks in August, Mark, a resident of our community who attends Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, shadowed Judge Bozza as a part of his educational interest in the law. After the court sessions, he was able to meet with the Judge to discuss his experiences and ask questions regarding the court proceedings. The prosecutors were generous with their time and answered questions which gave Mark's experience a well rounded view.
Drivers watch your speed! Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that:
A police officer's unaided visual estimation of a vehicle's speed is sufficient evidence to support a conviction for speeding in violation of Revised Code 4511.21(D) without independent verification of the vehicle's speed if the officer is trained, is certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy or a similar organization that develops and implements training programs to meet the needs of law-enforcement professionals and the communities they serve, and is experienced in visually estimating vehicle speed.
On August 13th the Women's Make the Right Choice program was held at the Lyndhurst Community Center. The next men's program is scheduled for Friday October 1, 2010 at 9:15am at the Lyndhurst Community Center.
The Court renovations of the lower level of the Lyndhurst City Hall Building are ongoing. This will provide an additional court room and clerk's office space for the Lyndhurst Court. The probation department will have private offices in the lower level as well as a conference room for prosecutors and attorneys. We anticipate completion of the new space this fall.
It's Back to School time. We look forward to field trips, senior projects, and visits to court from our local schools. For information about our Community Outreach Programs please call Patti at (440) 461-6500 extension 205 or go to our website at

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