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Released: 9/27/2010
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Protect Your Neighborhood: Report Suspicious Activity
You've heard it before. "Residents are the eyes and ears of the police department." It bears repeating and I can't stress enough how important it is for residents and community members to work collaboratively with the police department to reduce the risk of crime and help the police apprehend violators when offenses are committed. This means being aware of your surroundings, being a concerned neighbor and taking a moment to consider if something you see is suspicious, then notifying police without delay.
What is suspicious activity? It is anything out of the ordinary and that makes you feel uncomfortable. You will have to use your own judgment to determine what is unusual activity in your neighborhood. And who better? You know your neighborhood better than anyone.
Is the person sitting in the car for no apparent reason a friend of your neighbor? Or is it a burglar surveying a potential target. Could it also be a burglar who knocked on your neighbor's front door without a response, then walked to the rear of the house? Call your police and give them the opportunity to check the situation out. In some cases it may not be what you see, but what you hear. Was that your neighbor three doors down who dropped a glass on the patio, or could it be a thief breaking out a car window? Taking a moment to consider suspicious things you see or hear and notifying police when appropriate can make the difference between the police capturing a criminal in the act, or you and several neighbors being victimized by a thief who gets away.
In these cases, please don't let the thought that you might be "bothering" the police be a concern. We are here to serve and protect you and the flow of information you are able to provide is crucial. We would much rather be notified of a suspicious person or circumstance and investigate to find no crime, than to not be notified and have to investigate multiple incidents. When reporting a suspicious incident or person, be prepared with a brief description of the person or persons involved (race, sex, approximate age and clothing) and vehicles involved (model or style, color and license plate, if possible) and a direction of travel. The more information you supply and the faster you notify the police, the more likely it is that we will make an arrest quickly if a crime did occur. But even if you do not have all pertinent details, the little information you do provide can still be valuable. Never investigate a potentially dangerous situation yourself. Call your police.
Obviously the police cannot be everywhere. Keep their phone number handy (440-442-1234 for Lyndhurst) and help them protect you and your neighborhood. Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity when it occurs.
Rick Porrello
Chief of Police

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