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Released: 9/30/2009
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Dear Neighbors,
As summer comes to a close, the children are back in school, the summer sports leagues are over and we await the brilliant color change of the trees in our yards, I'm sure you reflect like I do on all that has been accomplished over the summer months. In the City of Lyndhurst, we have been very busy. Over nine hundred thousands dollars has been put into the repair, resurfacing and general upgrade to our streets and sewers, making sure that our city remains a desirable place to live and play. We have seen our automated recycling program succeed beyond our expectations, by eliminating over 500 tons of garbage from our waste stream and we now see these recyclables going through the system to be re-utilizedů.for our part Lyndhurst is looking to help contribute to the Green initiative. With the success of the automated trucks and recycling, we will be instituting a similar program with our garbage pick-up. With the help from a grant from the Bureau of Workman's Compensation we have purchased automated trucks for trash collection. These trucks will work the same way as the recycling trucks do. One man can operate the truck picking up and dumping trash, essentially doing the job of 4 people. Not only is this a more efficient system of trash collection but it is also an economical savings for the City. A very welcomed relief in these difficult economic times.
The City of Lyndhurst has also recently partnered with the National League of Cities to offer our residents a free prescription discount card that provides average savings of 20% off retail price of prescription medications. Now residents who are without health insurance or a traditional pharmacy benefit plan, or have prescriptions not covered by insurance have a solution to obtain medication at a discount. There is no cost to the City of Lyndhurst to provide this program; this is collaboration with the National League of Cities and Lyndhurst. ID cards can be picked up at City Hall, the Office on Ageing in the Lyndhurst Community Center and at local retail establishment in Lyndhurst.
In the next few weeks you will be receiving in the mail an overview of the City financials and a simple explanation on where your tax monies are spent and the services that are offered to our residents. As Mayor, I am often asked, "How is our City doing?" When we look at the big picture Lyndhurst is no different than many other suburban Cities or Villages. We are an upper middle-class city with homes that range in price from $100,000 to one million dollars. Quite a nice diversity. Our schools, though challenged, are rated from effective to excellent. Our neighborhoods are neat and clean, our streets are safe, and our residents are content. What does the future hold for Lyndhurst? Like you, I can't see into the future, but I do know that working together with our City Council, and you our neighbors we have been able to accomplish a great deal. We have a common resolve to do all within our collective means to weather this economic storm. Lyndhurst is our home, it is your home and both your City Council and I sincerely appreciate your support and trust in our stewardship of our "Community of Neighbors".
If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at city hall. As autumn, Thanksgiving and winter approach, (oh how that word sends chills through me) let us all take time to enjoy the many blessings we have in our life. I hope to see you around town.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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