From The Fire Department
Released: 9/30/2009
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The winter season will soon be upon us so I would like to share with you some winter safety tips.
The most dangerous place to be, with regard to a fire is in your own home. Three quarters of all fire deaths occur in residences. With that in mind I would urge all residents to install smoke detectors on each floor of their home and see that the batteries are changed on a semiannual basis, usually at the time change. Since we will soon be using our furnaces they should be checked by a qualified technician to see that they are operating correctly and if you heat your home with gas, a carbon monoxide detector should also be placed in the sleeping area. Supplemental portable heating appliances should never be left on when the home is unoccupied. Never refuel them inside the home. Keep them at least 3 feet away from combustible material. Fireplaces and chimneys should be checked by a qualified professional if you choose to burn wood in a fireplace, never burn anything other than wood in your fireplace. Use a sturdy screen or glass enclosure in front of your fireplace and never leave the fireplace unattended. If you carry embers out of the house first place them in a metal bucket with water in it and dispose of ash and embers outside in a metal container. Never leave them in your garage or next to your garage or home. Use a sturdy screen or glass closure in front of your fireplace and only burn clean firewood never treated lumber.
Never thaw frozen pipes with an open flame. If you're going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, leave your furnace on set at a low setting. This will prevent the danger of pipes freezing and the resulting water damage. Make arrangements to have neighbors or family check on your home on a regular basis.
If you have a fire hydrant on your lawn, please keep it clear of snow and if you have a snow plow operator clearing your driveway, please let him know that is against the city of Lyndhurst ordinances to pile snow on top of a fire hydrant. You, as a homeowner, are subject to citation if you're fire hydrant is covered by plowed snow.

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