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Released: 9/30/2009
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From: Tom Kunz, Building Commissioner
2009 has been almost a year as no other when related to matters of housing, i.e., foreclosures, vacancies, abandoned, neglected, etc. The same problems as most other communities have that are similar in nature to Lyndhurst across the nation. But thanks to a great staff within the department; Building Inspector Larry Puskas, Housing Inspector Joseph Mandato and our Secretary, Sheila Manfredi, we have been very pro active in development and implementation of policies and procedures to respond to these matters.
We take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to keeping Lyndhurst the city we all strive to maintain. We have not at all times been perfect in that endeavor, but not for the lack of desire, effort or intention. The economy and current law to be followed are the main reasons if obtaining results sometimes takes longer than desired. I am not going to list numbers here as they really do not mean much. Results are what matters most. And we have had much success in getting the desired results. Thanks to the support of Mayor Cicero and the entire city council, we have been given the tools we need to obtain those desired results.
We have an ongoing lawn cutting program where on a bi-weekly basis, the grass is cut on all vacant properties where there is no responsible person to cite. And if there were and they did not maintain the property, we would enforce current law and do what needs to be done. The cost is assessed to the property taxes, which will eventually come back to the city. Council has also given us the authority to spend up to $2,000 without resolution of council to abate and or cleanup exterior nuisance conditions on any property deemed to be in violation of our maintenance codes. This allows us to quickly bring a problem home or property into code compliance and maintains the desired appearance of our community.
The Mayor and council have also on many occasions approved resolutions, giving us the authority needed to rehab properties, making them more attractive to potential buyers, thereby reducing the amount of time homes remain vacant. Liens are placed on those homes, which in turn provide that the money spent along with administrative fees, comes back to the city upon sale. Those funds are then recycled to other homes needing work.
We demolished two homes last year and one this year that we had condemned. The above is just a sample of some of the measures we take to maintain property values as best as possible. There are others. One of the most important pieces of information to us is the location of vacant homes. We know about most, but we do not always find out about some until pipes freeze or the exterior appearance cries out for attention.
If you know of a vacant home in your neighborhood, please take the time to report it. All you need do is call (440) 473-5108 and tell whomever answers that you would like to report a vacant property and give the address. We will take it from there.
Thank you,
The entire staff of the Lyndhurst Building Department

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