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Released: 5/17/2010
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Time to Replace Your Smoke Detector?
Do you have a smoke detector in your home more than seven years old? Then please read the information below.
Within the last few years, manufacturers of smoke detectors have improved technology to a level where the residential homeowner is now in a better position of being protected than in previous years.
Residential fires account for the majority of all fire fatalities, and that fires occurring in the residential setting can either be smoldering or flaming type fires. It suggested that all homes be protected with a minimum of both technologies with additional emphasis of specific technology placement in areas subject to false alarms.
Since false alarms of smoke detectors can result in the removal of batteries, which in turn render the detector inoperative, the fire service recommends that specific technology placement be considered in certain areas of the home. Documentation clearly supports the replacement of ionization detectors with photoelectric detectors in areas commonly exposed to false alarms.
The current standards indicate smoke detector placement on every floor level and in every bedroom of residential occupancies. In areas where detectors are close to the kitchen and or bathrooms, we recommend that photoelectric detectors be placed in those locations. The intent is to reduce false alarms commonly associated with cooking and steam from showers and baths, which are causes for ionization detectors to alarm. This in turn will reduce the likelihood of battery removal and improve overall detector performance.
The remaining portions of the home should be protected at minimum by detectors utilizing both photoelectric and ionization technologies. This is best accomplished by utilizing combination detectors. Since the type of fire cannot be predicted, utilizing both technologies within a single detector provides for maximum protection of the occupants.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the Lyndhurst Fire Department Fire Prevention Office at (440) 473-5139
Fire Hydrant Flushing
The Lyndhurst Fire Department is flushing fire hydrant during the months of May and June 2010. Due to circumstances we are unable to give advanced notice of the areas we flush on any particular day. If you would like to know if we have flushed hydrants on your street that day, call the Lyndhurst Fire Department at (440) 473-5139.

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