From The Mayor's Desk
Released: 5/17/2010
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Dear Neighbors:
I hope you have been enjoying the beginning of spring and the mixed-up weather that we have all come to expect here in Northeast Ohio... As I write I am feeling confident that we can remove the snow plows and salt spreaders from the City Trucks, but Service Director Glady continues to caution me not to hold my breath... Oh well, let's just wait and see.
Quite a bit has been going on in your City over the winter months that have given us the opportunity to enhance, change and improve many services that we provide to the residents of the City of Lyndhurst. The economic climate has proven to be a challenge for all of us, and here at City Hall Council and my administration have been working hard to continue the sound and strong financial planning that we have all come to expect.
With the downturn in the economy Lyndhurst has had to take a hard look at many of the services and amenities we provide and as you have seen some changes have been made. Brainard Pool is closed and Council has approved moving ahead with the construction of a Spray/Play ground on the site of the pool. On average it costs the city over $150,000 to operate, staff and maintain Brainard Pool every year. This has been difficult over the last few years with the economy. By replacing the Pool with a Spray/Play Ground we will continue to provide an amenity to our community, enhance our already beautiful park and save nearly $100,000 per year.
Next, our trash and recycling pick-up has been overhauled with new automated trucks and containers for your residences. Although I know that this has been a difficult transition for some of you, for the most part it has been a tremendous success within the community. Not only have we been able to reduce our expenses in this line item by over $500,000 a year, we have also had a tremendous decrease in what we haul to the dump with more residents now utilizing recycling and disposing of yard waste in separate bags and containers. (If you have not done so already, make sure you pick up the yellow 'Yard Waste' stickers from the Service Department to affix to your 'old' trash containers). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and in so doing... you become a part of helping us utilize your tax dollars to the benefit of the whole community as well as the overall "green" initiative to help protect our environment.
The City's finances, in light of the current economy in the country, continue to be a challenge. Council and I are working hard to meet that challenge and assure that Lyndhurst maintains its hometown, neighborhood quality. Over the last year, Lyndhurst has experienced a re-evaluation of its property taxes and a decrease in income taxes, which has had a major impact on our budget of an estimated $1 million dollars. We have managed this decrease in revenue with sound financial planning. All employees have accepted a pay freeze for 2010 and have been instrumental in working hand in hand with my administration to cut costs and present new ways of providing services and amenities. The implementation and revamping of programs and staffing here at City Hall is a direct result of working with City employees and Department heads. With all this cooperation we have been able to reduce the overall 2010 budget by 7.1% and still maintain the integrity of our services to you.
As always, we are here if you have any comments or questions. Please enjoy a safe and happy summer!
Joseph M. Cicero, Jr.
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

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