Dominion East Ohio Encourages You To "Get Turned On To Energy Choice" Through New Website
Released: 10/20/2008
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Dominion East Ohio has launched a new website to help make the best choices in purchasing natural gas. The interactive site, which serves as a one-stop shop for gas choice information, can be accessed online at
The site's theme is, "Get Turned On To Energy Choice." Dominion East Ohio worked with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC), natural gas suppliers and community organizations, to launch the website. Rosetta, Inc., of Cleveland, formerly Brulant, Inc., designed and produced the site.
As you know, Dominion East Ohio's Energy Choice program offers eligible natural gas customers the option of buying natural gas from a supplier certified by the PUCO. About 70 percent of Dominion East Ohio's customers already purchase their gas supply from another company. Regardless of where customers buy their natural gas, Dominion East Ohio will still deliver it to their homes and businesses, and will continue to provide customer service and 24-hour emergency response.
To help consumers understand the costs and terms associated with certified natural gas suppliers' offers, Dominion East Ohio's Energy Choice Website offers tools such as links to the PUCO's "Apples To Apples" comparison chart, the OCC's "Comparing Your Energy Choices" chart, and other objective comparison tools.
Since the purchase of natural gas can amount to as much as 75 percent of a gas bill, this information can make a substantial impact on a household's energy spending. The site also features a special community page, which contains fact sheets, glossaries and current news on Energy Choice.
We hope this user-friendly website will help our customers to better understand their "Energy Choice" options.

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