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From The Mayor's Desk
RELEASED: 1/26/2009

Happy New Year to all.
As Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities "this is the best of times, this is the worst of times". We can all relate to this statement as we reflect over the last year, as we look at the economy both globally and locally, as we begin a historic time in the presidency of the United States, we have hope, we seek wisdom and courage. These are some of the things I reflect upon as we begin looking ahead for Lyndhurst in 2009.
We are in the midst of budgeting for 2009. This has been a difficult and complex budget to put together, but we are working with our work force and establishing new and innovative plans for maintaining the level of service we have all come to expect. As in the past, we remain committed to being good stewards of your tax monies. The downturn in the economy has also affected us here in the City Of Lyndhurst; just as I am sure it has affected your households. We are faced with shrinking revenues in both property tax and income tax while at the same time experiencing increases in expenses, gasoline, road salt, utilities, healthcare, supplies, etc. We have done many things to help reduce expenses. After many discussions with a number of the City Unions we have reached a proactive approach to meet some of the financial challenges we face. The City has asked and received from most of the bargaining units a wage freeze for the year 2010, this along with, an early retirement program that was instituted last year, has proven beneficial to the Cities bottom line. I look forward to automating our garbage pick-up in the same manner as our recycling program soon. We are also scrutinizing every expenditure that comes through, to make sure we get the best bang for our buck. We all need to be proactive in this economy.
Congratulations to our new police chief. Rick Porrello was sworn in as Chief on January 5th. He has been with the Lyndhurst Police Department for 21 years. Chief Porrello is a wonderful asset to the city in this capacity, and comes with many new and innovative ideas. Also promoted were Sergeant Steve DeBow and Lieutenant Jeff Traci, congratulations to you both! I'd like to also welcome our two new patrolmen, Shaun Cameron and Scott Gorski.
The City's Electronic Newsletter, sent via e-mail, now takes the place of the regular printed newsletter that was mailed to your home throughout the year. This has greatly reduced the cost of postage, paper, ink and labor. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the City Newsletter which keeps you informed of the many wonderful events throughout the year. Simply visit and type your email address into the top right hand corner. The City Newsletter will then be sent to your email address. Tell your friends and neighbors!
While we wait for the spring thaw, have you taken the kids to Brainard Park to sled?
Please feel free to contact myself or any member of Council with questions, concerns or ideas. I wish all of you health and happiness in this new year.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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