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Proposed FEMA Flood Insurance Map Revisions
RELEASED: 4/13/2009

Notice of FEMA Flood Map Changes for Your Property in the City of Lyndhurst
Dear Property Owner:
Flooding is the most frequent and costly natural disaster in the City of Lyndhurst. The risk for flooding changes over time due to erosion, land use, weather events and other factors. This risk can vary within the same neighborhood and from property to property. As indicated by the City of Lyndhurst's flooding over the past 10 years, flooding occurs not only in high-risk areas, but in low- to moderate-risk areas as well. Knowing your flood risk is the first step to flood protection.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently completed a multi-year project aimed at re-examining Lyndhurst's flood zones and developing detailed, digital flood hazard maps. As a result, you and other property owners throughout Lyndhurst will have up-to-date, internet-accessible information about your flood risk, on a property-by-property basis.
You are receiving this letter because your property or a portion of your property has been affected in some way by the new maps. Some properties that were identified previously in a flood hazard area have been removed, while others that were not previously in a flood hazard area have been identified. In order to view the new maps and discuss these changes and their potential implications, please join us in a Flood Risk Information Open House on April 14th, 2009 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the following address:
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
4747 East 49th St.
Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44125
Representatives from FEMA, FEMA's mapping contractor, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, will be available to answer your questions.
While the City of Lyndhurst is mailing you this information packet, it is important to remember that we are seeing much of this information for the first time. We don't have any additional information beyond what is included in this packet, and we will be sending our engineering representatives to the same Open House listed above. Many of the questions you may have are addressed in the FAQ memo attached. The map that we attached provides a graphic representation of your neighborhood and the approximate areas that are affected by the changes. There is an appeal process if you do not agree with this map information, please see page 3 of the FAQ sheets. We will also post new information after this Open House on the City's website.
Should you have any questions before the meeting, please contact the City Engineer, Jeff Filarski via email at or call him at (440) 439-1999.
For FAQs, Maps, and other current information, you may click on or forward the link to the document provided below:
Mayor Joseph M. Cicero, Jr.

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