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From The Mayor's Desk
RELEASED: 11/15/2005

Dear Neighbors,
On Sunday, October 16, former Mayor Leonard M. Creary passed away. He served the city of Lyndhurst for over 28 years, six as a Councilman in Ward 3 and 22 as Mayor and chief administrative officer. I can honestly say that Lyndhurst is the community of neighbors it is today because of his dedication, honesty, conservative fiscal management, and genuine concern for residents.
Under his leadership, the city saw tremendous growth, a new Service and Building Department complex, additions and upgrades to the main municipal complex, a new community center and many other improvements to our parks and pools. He was instrumental in improving the infrastructure of the city as well as improving and maintaining the city services that have made Lyndhurst a stand-out community on the east side. He also worked hard to enhance the equipment and capabilities of our safety forces to assure the health, safety and welfare of all Lyndhurst residents.
Len never shied away from the difficult tasks, as proven most notably by the construction of TRW’s world headquarters in 1983, which helped maintain the financial future of Lyndhurst, and most recently by the vision, planning and construction of Legacy Village. The Legacy project tested many in the community but none more than Mayor Creary. He saw it as the vehicle to take Lyndhurst into the 21st century and fought long and hard, at the expense of his health, to make it a reality. All of us in Lyndhurst should be thankful to him for fighting that battle. Legacy Village is here and is a tremendous asset to the community.
I served on Lyndhurst Council from 1987 until 2000 with Mayor Creary. I learned a great deal over those years. To say that Len and I always saw eye to eye would be a misrepresentation. There were many times we disagreed and argued over what we both saw as best for the city. He believed strongly in the decisions he made, and he always gave you a fair fight. We may have disagreed, but he respected your opinion, and in turn you respected his.
When I ran for Mayor in 2000, I had a most worthy opponent in Len Creary. Many times during the campaign we both were told that there was not much difference between what we wanted and envisioned for the city. I agree. We both wanted what was best for Lyndhurst. When I came up short in that election, I took it in stride and moved on, but not before learning a lesson from Len. He told me a short while later that the time would come for me to run again and when that time came to look him up. I did that, and I am thankful to him and his guidance the last few years. I only hope I can do for Lyndhurst what Mayor Leonard M. Creary did: serve it well. His dedication and commitment to Lyndhurst will never be forgotten. His knowledge of our community and dedication to good governance will be deeply missed. Our prayers, wishes and deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. In honor of Mayor Creary, all Lyndhurst city flags were flown at half-mast the week of October 17.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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