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From The Mayor's Desk
RELEASED: 2/15/2006

Dear Neighbors,
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year. With the winter months upon us, you should be glad to know that our Service Department is ready to keep the streets of Lyndhurst clear and safe.
By the time you read this, Council and I will be formulating the city’s 2006 budget. We will do our best to ensure that the many services you receive are maintained and that we truly put your tax dollars to work for you.
I am very pleased to welcome three new councilmen: David Frey – Ward 1; Lane Schlessel – Ward 3; and Patrick Ward – Ward 4. They are eager to work for you as residents. Thank you to Heidi Solomon, Marty Puin and Scott Picker for their service as council members.
Many of you know that Lyndhurst has been my home since I was a toddler. I love this city, especially the people who make it a great community in which to live, work and retire. But I can’t help but think about my predecessors who sat in this office and watched over a growing, prospering city. Now I am watching over a changing, evolving city. I can just sit here and watch or take an active part in managing this change. I choose to be involved, and I hope you will also.
One thing we can do is ensure that Lyndhurst’s housing remains in the best condition so we attract vibrant families, singles and empty nesters. To help maintain our neighborhoods, we are setting up a Housing Division within the Building Department. The age of many of our homes mandates that we take immediate steps to preserve their appearance and value. The Housing Division will be offering many options to fund renovations. We’ll tell you more in future newsletters.
We are fortunate to have two new housing developments going up in Lyndhurst: River Creek Estates, on Richmond Rd. next to Three Village, and Acacia Country Club Estates behind Winchester Rd., adjacent to Acacia Country Club. We greatly appreciate the commitment these developers have made to Lyndhurst. We worked very hard to attract desirable housing to our neighborhoods and look forward to welcoming our new neighbors.
Stay warm and feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns or advice. I look forward to seeing you around town.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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