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From The Mayor's Desk
RELEASED: 1/26/2007

Dear Neighbors,
Happy New Year, I hope that you and yours enjoyed the Holiday Season and had the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends. As we enter 2007, we here at the City Of Lyndhurst are busy with services to you and your neighbors.
Our Service Department has been working hard to make sure all the fall leaves have been picked up and the streets in the neighborhoods are neat and clean. We all take a collective sigh of relief that "Ol Man Winter" has looked to the far west with his snow and Ice and has only touched us a bit with winter. I only hope we can get through the next few months with same luck. (sorry to all you snow lovers).
The Building Department has been busy this fall putting together the legislation that will help maintain rental properties in Lyndhurst, by identifying all the rental properties and putting in place procedures for registration and maintenance. This will help ensure that all properties in the city, be they owner occupied or rental, hold true to the standards of our hometown.
The Lyndhurst Police Department is always out and about town making sure that all is well in our neighborhoods and business district. In 2007 it is my hope that we will be able to increase our community policing effort in the areas of victims advocacy and juvenile diversion, stay tuned for more on this. Over the last few months there have been reports of break-ins in and around Lyndhurst, please be assured that our officers are patrolling your streets. It is a good idea to keep you front and back lights on at night, this helps discourage any possible indiscretion.
Our Fire Department is continuing the efforts in training residents in the CERT program. For those not familiar with the CERT Program it is the Community Emergency Response Teams, these are residents trained by our firefighters in emergency response efforts to aid and assist in the case of a City wide emergency. For more information please contact City Hall.
The Finance Department is in full swing with preparing the 2007 budget, all departments will be submitting their requests for capital and general fund items over the next few weeks, once submitted the Finance Director, Council and I will review, and by March 2007 make recommendations to implement. This process is very critical to the day to day workings of our city. Both Council and I know that in our ever changing economic climate we need to be good stewards of taxpayers' monies.
As many of you know Lyndhurst Councilman Josh Mandel was elected to represent the 17th district of Ohio in Columbus. On behalf of the Administration, Council and the many residents Josh served, we wish him good luck and God-speed in his new position as State Representative. I am sure Representative Mandel will make all of us here in his hometown proud.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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