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From The Mayor's Desk
RELEASED: 5/21/2007

Dear Neighbors,
Welcome spring! If you are anything like me, you were happy to see the snow melt, spring burst forth, and the warm days we have had.
All of our departments have been busy getting the city ready for the nice weather. The Service Department is in our parks and on the streets cleaning, fixing and reconstructing. The Building Department is busy with inspections and enforcing our new rental property ordinances. The Police Department is out beefing up patrols by expanding our bicycle patrol. And the department’s new Community Relations Liaison, Kathy Tomaro, is helping and reaching out to those in need during a crisis or difficult time. The Fire Department has been working to develop the C.E.R.T. program, and Firefighter Pam Paalman put together the Lyndhurst Safe Kids Night on May 4. This was an educational forum for residents to learn ways to make their homes and community a safe place for children.
Recently three Lyndhurst groups—Neighbor to Neighbor, C.E.R.T., and the Mayor’s Advisory Panel—came together to discuss a number of issues that affect all of us. These groups believe that the core issue in Lyndhurst is to support the strengthening of our neighborhoods. With this focus, we can address concerns over disaster preparedness, residents in need, and crime prevention. If we are to continue to grow strong as a community of neighbors, we must become more than residents just living near each other. We must be available to each other as neighbors, not just exchanging a nod when passing, but a sincere, “Hello, how are you?” Once this first step is taken, it will help create a bond in your neighborhood. Watching out for each other and being aware of what goes on around you will create a safer and more viable community. For residents who want to move this message forward, there are volunteer opportunities in the groups listed above. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities in Lyndhurst and no shortage of people available to listen to you if you have an idea or suggestion.
Council recently hosted a resident’s meeting, and many wonderful ideas and concerns came forward. This is the participation that City Council and I welcome. Yes, we are here to address your complaints, but more importantly we need your ideas and suggestions to bring our city to where we all want it to be. I am working on implementing several of the suggestions we received. Call me or stop by my office, and we can discuss what is good and what needs improvement. Together, we can continue to keep Lyndhurst a great place to live, raise a family and retire.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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