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2011 was a busy year for us and outstanding police work resulted in many fine arrests. Awards recipients were as follows:

Ptlm. Joseph Romano: Commendation for outstanding patrol work in apprehending the perpetrator of an attempted car jacking/abduction and strong arm purse snatching against an elderly victim.

Ptlm. James Johnson: OVI Enforcement Award for eleven arrests of intoxicated drivers in 2011.

Sgt. Steven DeBow and Ptlm. Shawn Kessler: Commendations for their courage and restraint in effectively dealing with a mentally unstable person who was armed with a loaded handgun.

Sgt. Mark McConville, Ptlm. Craig Barna & Ptlm. Gregory Traci: Commendations for their outstanding work leading to the arrest of an offender involved in multiple-jurisdiction vehicle break-ins and a residential burglary.

Ptlm. Gregory Traci and K-9 Sully: Commendations for initiative and success in several drug cases.

Ptlm. Justin Blatnick: Commendation for his initiative and outstanding field investigation leading to arrest of a 17-year old residential burglar.

Ptlm. Michael Scipione: Commendation for his initiative and successful investigation leading to the arrests of three cell phone theft ring members and the recovery of several stolen cell phones.

Det. Lt. Norman Alexander, Det. William Duffy and Det. James Fiore: Commendations for their fine investigative work contributing to the arrests and successful prosecution of perpetrators in three bank robberies.

Ptl. Craig Barna: Exceptional Service Award for vigilance and initiative leading to the capture of a bank robbery suspect.

Lt. Jeffrey Traci and Ptlm. Justin Blatnick: Exceptional Service Award for their pursuit and capture of an armed bank robber.

Congratulations to each award recipient!

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