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Each year the Lyndhurst Police Department recognizes members of the department who have excelled in the field of police work.

Officers are recognized for their work in the areas of OVI Enforcement and Stolen Auto Recovery.

Dispatch personnel are presented with the "Calm During the Storm" award for excellence in dispatching.

Officers and/or dispatchers are recognized for exceptional work in investigations, crime prevention and/or incidents that occur in the course of day-to-day operations.

The commendations are at the recommendation of the department's supervisors.

OVI Enforcement - This year two officers were presented with the OVI Enforcement award. A total of 62 intoxicated drivers - potential killers were arrested by the Lyndhurst Police Department in 2010.

➜ Ptl. Jim Johnson led the department with 16 of those arrests.

➜ Ptl. Matt Eden made our streets safer with 11 OVI arrests.

Auto Theft Award - This year the Auto Theft Award was given to Ptl. Jim Johnson. On June 7, 2010, Ptl. Johnson responded to CVS/Pharmacy on the report of a shoplifter who walked out of the store with a shopping basket full of merchandise. Ptl. Johnson observed a vehicle fitting the description and pulled it over and found that the vehicle had been reported stolen with Cleveland PD. The suspect was ultimately arrested for RSP, theft, OVI & open container.

Calm During the Storm - This year the Calm During the Storm award is presented to Disp. Jaimi November. On July 5, 2010, Disp. November received a call from a hysterical female stating that she had been assaulted and that the suspect attempted to steal her vehicle at the Greens Rehab Center. Despite the victim being out of breath, frantic and unclear about her location, Disp. November was able to obtain and relay crucial information to officers who located the suspect who was ultimately charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, strong-arm robbery of a credit card and domestic violence.

Department Commendation - On December 29, 2010 Ptl. Barna, while on routine patrol, observed a vehicle that was traveling unusually slow on Mayfield Road and then driving aimlessly down a few side streets. Ptl. Barna then observed this male throw, what appeared to be, a cinder block from the vehicle. Ptl. Barna initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver. Subsequent to the stop and identification of the suspect, he was arrested and linked to several smash and grab burglaries where front windows of local businesses were smashed out in the early morning hours. Because of Pt. Barna's proactive field investigation, crimes in Lyndhurst, Highland Hts., Mayfield Hts., & Shaker Hts were solved.

Citizen Recognition - The LPD also has a citizen recognition award.

This year we wanted to recognize one of our residents for his vigilance and willingness to get involved. Although he declined to participate in our awards program, we wanted to share this story. Out of respect for his privacy, we will not mention his name.

On Thursday, September 30, 2010, a home on the south side was burglarized. Shortly after officers were called to the scene, a neighbor approached them and provided information regarding a suspicious person he witnessed outside his neighbor's house earlier in the day. During his observation of this person and his vehicle, this resident had the foresight to jot down the license plate number.

Our detectives would later use this information to help identify and arrest the man responsible for several burglaries in Lyndhurst and numerous other communities.

This case is a fine example of how our residents can truly be the eyes and ears of the police department.

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