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Each year the Lyndhurst Police Department recognizes members of the department who have excelled in the field of police work. Officers are recognized for their work in the areas of OVI Enforcement and Stolen Auto Recovery. Dispatch personnel are presented with the "Calm During the Storm" award for excellence in dispatching.

Officers and/or dispatchers are recognized for exceptional work in investigations, crime prevention and/or incidents that occur in the course of day-to-day operations. The commendations are at the recommendation of the department's supervisors.

OVI Enforcement - This year the award for OVI enforcement is given to Sgt. Cianciolo.

A total of 78 drivers were arrested by the Lyndhurst Police Department in 2008. Sgt. Cianciolo led the department with 12 arrests for OVI in 2008. We also received an award from MADD to present Sgt. Cianciolo in appreciation for his commitment to OVI Enforcement.

Auto Theft Award - This year three officers received the Auto Theft Award.

Ptl. Joe Romano - On May 20th, 2008, Ptl. Romano was dispatched to check on a disabled vehicle at Richmond & Hickory. The caller (Disp. Spellman, who was on his way into work at LPD at the time) advised that he observed two males walking away from the vehicle and provided their description. Subsequent to running the license plate number, it was learned that the vehicle had been stolen from Cleveland. With the assistance of fellow officers, the juvenile male suspects who were walking from the vehicle were located, questioned and arrested for receiving stolen property.

Sgt. Chris Cianciolo - On June 13th, 2008, while conducting a traffic detail at Richmond & Mayfield, dispatch advised that OnStar was tracking a stolen Hummer H-3 on Richmond S/B at Mayfield. Sgt. Cianciolo observed the vehicle stopped on Richmond at Mayfield and followed the vehicle until back-up arrived at which time they stopped the suspect at Mayfield and Winchester. The driver was subsequently arrested on a felony warrant issued by South Euclid PD for auto theft.

SPO Joel Edelstein - On October 31st, 2008 while on routine patrol, SPO Edelstein observed a vehicle traveling on Westbourne with the driver sitting in such a manner that he appeared to be trying to hide, the driver stared directly ahead of his car and did not make eye contact with SPO Edelstein. As the vehicle passed SPO Edelstein, he ran the license plate and learned that the vehicle had been stolen out of Beachwood. SPO Edelstein immediately turned around to follow the vehicle, when he reached the car it was parked and unoccupied. A resident was able to provide a direction of travel for the juvenile suspects who were located by assisting officers. The suspect/driver was arrested for receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Calm During the Storm - This year the Calm During the Storm award is presented to Dispatcher Angela Ricci. On November 1st, 2008 Dispatcher Ricci received a call from a female who was calling from Mentor to report that her friend, who was at the same location as she was calling from, was on the phone with a resident of Lyndhurst who was threatening suicide and holding a gun to his head. Disp. Ricci remained on the line with the caller and continued to relay vital information, still while answering other incoming calls to LPD. Dispatcher Ricci's exceptional performance was crucial to the positive outcome of the incident.

Department Commendations

➜ Lt. Dave Strasshofer

➜ Sgt. Steve DeBow

In connection with the incident mentioned previously for the "Calm During the Storm" award, Lt. Strasshofer & Sgt. DeBow are also recognized for their performance.

On November 1st, 2008 at 2:18 am, officers responded to a residence on a report of a suicidal male. The information provided by the caller was that the subject was upset that his girlfriend was breaking up with him and moving and that he had taken 8 Valium, was holding a handgun to his head, and wanted to kill himself. There was also the possibility that the subject's girlfriend may have been sleeping in a downstairs bedroom. As instructed by Lt. Strasshofer, Disp. Ricci had the caller convince the subject to exit the home. When the subject exited the home, Lt. Strasshofer could see that he had a shotgun in his hand and that the barrel was pointed in the air. Lt. Strasshofer identified himself as a Police Officer and ordered the subject to drop the gun; the subject then leveled the shotgun in Lt. Strasshofer's direction. Lt. Strasshofer retreated behind the cover of the house corner. Lt. Strasshofer continued to monitor the suspect who ultimately placed the gun in the grass. After knowing the subject had put his weapon down, Sgt. DeBow came up behind him and grabbed him in a "bear hug" and pinned him against a parked car. Sgt. DeBow held the subjects arms in place while Lt. Strasshofer then handcuffed him. The subject thanked officers for getting him help and not shooting him. An array of firearms, marijuana plants, and the equipment necessary to produce marijuana were confiscated from the home. The subject was charged with Aggravated Menacing, Producing Marijuana, Possessing Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Criminal Tools.

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