Volume 153

City of Lyndhurst Website Conversion Now Complete
Released: 2/1/2010
Dear Neighbors: I am happy to announce that as of today, Monday, February 1, 2010, the City of Lyndhurst website conversion is now complete. With the exception of the Swimming Pool section, which we will be converting shortly before the pools open again later this year, all of the resources from our old site have been converted and are now available in the new site. It is my hope that you will not only find the ...
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From The Police Department
Released: 2/1/2010
Winter Do's and Don'ts: As snow lovers enjoy skiing and sun worshippers count the days until Spring, here are some Winter Do's and Don'ts to help you stay safe and in compliance with the law: DO clear snow from sidewalks to keep them passable. DO keep fire hydrants clear of snow. DO NOT push snow onto your neighbor's property or into the street. DO NOT pile snow higher than three feet or closer than three feet ...
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From The Fire Department
Released: 2/1/2010
Focus on Fire Safety: Heating Fire Safety: The high cost of home heating fuels and utilities has caused many Americans to search for alternative home heating sources such as wood burning stoves, space heaters, and fireplaces. Heating is one of the leading causes of residential fires. Over one-quarter of these fires result from improper maintenance of equipment, specifically the failure to clean the equipment ...
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From The Lyndhurst Municipal Court
Released: 2/1/2010
Judge Mary Kaye Bozza proudly announces that remodeling construction will soon begin in the lower level of the Lyndhurst City Hall to provide additional Court space. This project will not cost any additional monies to the City of Lyndhurst, the cities in the jurisdiction or the residents. We anticipate using the new space for Jury Trials, Probation Violation hearings, Temporary/Criminal Protection Order hearings ...
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From The Building Department
Released: 2/1/2010
Emergency Generators: Many persons have opted to purchase emergency generators for home use. In a power outage, emergency generators can be a highly effective resource to maintain critical electrical systems. However, if not installed properly, that being in accordance with Article 700 of the National Electrical Code, they can cause a dangerous condition. There are basically two types of generators ...
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From The Service Department
Released: 2/1/2010
With spring yard clean up just around the corner remember that all organic waste including, leaves, grass, hedge clippings and garden plants must be placed in paper yard waste bags and placed on the treelawn not closer than 3 feet from the rubbish and recycling carts. Yard waste bags are available at most retail outlets. Large branches over 4 feet long up to a maximum of 6 inches in diameter should ...
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From The Community Center
Released: 2/1/2010
Are you planning to celebrate a special event in 2010? If so, call us, and we will set up a time for you to tour our wonderful Community Center and to discuss your plans in more detail. Please keep in mind that the months of May and June are particularly busy. Get Involved: Do you have "a little" extra time and an interest in becoming more involved? Why not consider joining one of the many clubs and organizations ...
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From The Lyndhurst Garden Club
Released: 2/1/2010
The Lyndhurst Garden Club was founded in June 1937. We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of every month, (except January, July, and August) at the Lyndhurst Community Center. Guests and prospective members are welcome at our meeting on March 4 2010, when Shawn Belt from Cleveland Botanical Gardens will give a presentation about the Green Corps. What else does the Garden Club do ...
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Released: 2/1/2010
Back in December of 2009, you received your SELREC Winter 2010 brochure in the mail. Or, you may have perused our 500+ classes on line at www.selrec.net. Most of SELREC's classes are conveniently located in the SEL City School District and most of the rest are held in the Hillcrest area, just minutes from home, school or work. SELREC offers quality programs and classes at fair prices for you, your family ...
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Tri-City Consortium On Aging Updates
Released: 2/1/2010
Tri-City Consortium on Aging Annual Trip Preview Show: Wednesday January 27, 2010 from 1:30-3:30 at the Lyndhurst Community Center. Volunteers Needed: Tri-City Consortium on Aging is in need of youth and young adults who can do light snow shoveling (steps and walkways) on “as needed” basis for older individuals in ...
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SELREC Seniors Club Newsletter: January - July 2010
Released: 2/1/2010
We've Got A Great Year Ahead! Fun and friendship -- that's our recipe for pure enjoyment for Club members on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Lyndhurst Community Center. Please keep this meeting schedule somewhere handy (on your fridge?) or mark your calendars now. Enjoy our great lineup of lively singers and musicians, interesting speakers, and game nights, too. And don't forget -- save ...
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City Directory:

Joe Cicero: (440) 442-5777
City Council:
Ward 1 Council:
David Frey: (216) 381-7884
Ward 2 Council:
Joseph Gambatese: (440) 446-1955
Ward 3 Council:
Lane Schlessel: (440) 449-2416
Ward 4 Council:
Patrick Ward: (440) 646-9273
Dale Fisher: (440) 442-4916
Council-At-Large and Vice Mayor:
Joseph Marko: (440) 473-9704
Charles A. LoPresti: (440) 461-1144

Administration: (440) 442-5777
Brainard Pool: (440) 442-5844
Building Department: (440) 473-5108
Community Center: (440) 449-5011
Finance Department: (440) 442-5777
Fire Department:
(Non-Emergency): (440) 473-5139
Lyndhurst Pool: (440) 442-8469
Municipal Court: (440) 461-6500
Office On Aging: (440) 473-5138
Police Department:
(Non-Emergency): (440) 473-5116
SELREC: (216) 691-2246
Service Department: (440) 473-5100
All Life-Threatening Emergencies: 9 -1 - 1

Local Organizations Directory:

AARP Chapter #371
(216) 464-0888
Boy Scouts of America
Troy Johnson (216) 861-6060
Brush High Athletic Boosters
(216) 691-9302
Friends of Euclid Creek
(216) 291-4323
Girl Scouts of America
(216) 481-1313
Heights - Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce
(216) 397-7322
Hillcrest League of Women Voters
Roz Peters (216) 932-2649
Hillcrest Rotary Club
(440) 386-8208
Hillcrest Women's Club/GFWC
Penny Speyer (440) 449-5958
Norma Adams (440) 461-4850
Lyndhurst Auxiliary Police
Lt. Norm Alexander (440) 473-5116
Lyndhurst CERT
Keith C. Packard, Executive Director
(440) 449-5777 X305
Lyndhurst Dads' Club
Larry Ault (216) 570-1977
Lyndhurst Democratic Club
Hazel Hafner (216) 382-5697
Lyndhurst Garden Club
Lillian Joliat (440) 442-5447

Lyndhurst Masonic Temple
(440) 442-9714
Lyndhurst Office on Aging
(440) 473-5138
Lyndhurst Republican Club
(440) 442-1371
Lyndhurst Swim Team (Sea Monkeys)
(440) 442-8469
(216) 691-2246
SELREC Seniors Club
Jim Yasinow, President
(440) 460-0679
SNAPS: Special Needs Advocacy and Parent Support of South Euclid / Lyndhurst
Barb Heisler (440) 442-3856
Laurie Kowalski (440) 473-9716
South Euclid-Lyndhurst Historical Society
Esther Eich, Curator (440) 449-1997
South Euclid-Lyndhurst Kiwanis
Dan Corrigan (216) 691-1405
South Euclid-Lyndhurst PTA
(216) 691-2000
South Euclid-Lyndhurst Safety Town
(216) 691-2246
South Euclid-Lyndhurst Soccer Club
(440) 479-4488
Tri-City Consortium on Aging
Stacey O'Brien, Director
(216) 291-3902

Community Center Locations:

Lyndhurst Community Center: 1341 Parkview Drive
South Euclid Community Center: 1370 Victory Drive
Highland Heights Community Center: 5827 Highland Road