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The City of Lyndhurst Rolls Out New Recycling Program.


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 City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Recycling Program

Each resident is provided with a wheeled cart container that will hold all of their recyclables which will include paper, plastics, glass, steel and aluminum cans.

This container can be easily wheeled to the curb. An automated collection truck will provide a weekly pick up and the recyclables will be taken to Waste Management's recycling facility in Oakwood Village.

We are encouraging our residents to recycle more. If we recycle more, less money will be spent burying trash at the landfill. This is better for our environment and helps us save precious tax dollars.

The move to automated single stream recycling will make it easier for our residents while at the same time lowering our operational costs significantly. Our projected savings should be over $100,000 per year once the program is up and running.

We are working very hard to lower costs and still provide excellent services. Please do your part and follow the guidelines for the new program.

 About The City of Lyndhurst, Ohio Recycling Program

Curbside Recycling Graph 2006-2011

In late 2008 the City of Lyndhurst implemented the automated recycling program. Each household was provided with a wheeled cart container for all recyclables which included paper, plastics, glass, steel and aluminum cans. Since the inception of this program our recycling tonnage has increased over 33% while reducing costs by 24%!

We further reduced costs with the implementation of our yard waste program. With your participation we collected 1,186 tons of yard waste in 2011 (for a savings of over $40,000) that did not end in the landfill, but is being composted at a nearby facility. We want to encourage you, our residents, to recycle more.

The more that is recycled the less money will be spent burying trash at the landfill. Please take advantage of these programs and do your part for our community.

 Questions and Answers About the New Recycling Program

Q: How many carts will I receive and how do I know it is mine?
A: Each household will receive one cart. The blue cart will have a serial number on it; the Service Department will have a database of all cart serial numbers. Please copy your cart's serial number and keep it with your records. The cart is owned by the City and stays "with the house". You are not to take it with you if you move, use it for other purposes, etc.

Q: Can I use the recycle cart for trash?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you do, it will not be picked up and you will have to empty it on your own.

Q: Why is it so important for everyone to use their new recycling cart?
A: The new blue cart will be the standard for all recycling. Green bins will no longer be collected.

Q: What should I do with my old green recycling bin?
A: Your old bin can be used to transfer recycling from your house to the new recycling cart. You can also use the green bin as a handy storage container in your house or garage. If you no longer want the green bin place it out on the treelawn empty next to the blue cart and we will collect it.

Q: Do I have to take the cart out every week?
A: No, you do not have to take the cart out every week. If it is only partially filled one week, you might want to keep it in your garage until it is full. You can also hold off after a heavy snowfall. However, we will pick it up every week even if it is only partially full. It's up to you.

Q: Is there a proper way to put the cart at the curb?
A: Yes, there are arrows on the cart that show you which direction it should face in order for the "arm" of the truck to pick it up. As always, you want to keep the cart at least five feet away from your trash so they are not mixed and the "arm" has room to grab the container. Please keep the cart away from hydrants, poles, trees or anything that could hinder the "arm" from grabbing the cart.

Q: When do I take the cart out?
A: Take your cart out on your normal trash day. Keep in mind, all residents are supposed to place the trash and recycling out after 5:00 p.m. the night before trash day - there is an ordinance prohibiting you from putting it out earlier. Also, please bring the carts, as well as your garbage cans, back in as soon as possible.

Q: Who is responsible for maintenance if your cart needs repair?
A: The new Toter carts have a ten year warranty from the manufacturer. The City of Lyndhurst Service Department will repair your cart or exchange it for a new cart, depending on circumstances and what repairs are warranted.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Call Lyndhurst Service Department at (440) 473-5100 ☎.

 Put All of Your Recycling in the Blue Cart

All of your recyclables should be placed in your new blue cart. This is known as single stream recycling.

Your cart should be wheeled close to the curb with the metal bar facing the street and no obstructions within five feet of the cart, not close to a telephone pole, fire hydrant, or rubbish.

If obstructions are close to the cart, the truck will not be able to lift the container to empty it.

Please place these empty recyclable items in your blue cart:

  • ➜ Aluminum cans

  • ➜ Aluminum foil

  • ➜ Empty aerosol cans

  • ➜ Glass bottles & jars (any color, no lids)

  • ➜ Tin cans

 Single Stream Recycling Tips:

  • ➜ Flatten your cardboard boxes and place them inside your recycling cart. Boxes that do not fit inside your cart should be flattened and cut down to a 3' x 3' size, tied in bundles and placed next to your cart.

  • ➜ Place shredded paper in a brown paper bag before putting it in your cart.

  • ➜ Do not put plastic bags in your recycling cart.

  • ➜ Flattening boxes, cans and plastic bottles will save space in your cart for other recyclables.

  • ➜ Do not put trash, pet waste or yard waste in your blue recycling cart. Carts containing trash or yard waste will not be collected.

 There are certain papers that we cannot recycle, they are:

  • ➜ Wax Coated Boxes (i.e. Milk Cartons, Juice Boxes, Etc.)

  • ➜ Detergent Boxes

 Now You Can Recycle More

The Lyndhurst Recycling Program is being expanded to include more paper and plastic. The additional recycling will help to save resources, tax dollars and landfill space.

Along with the usual glass containers, aluminum cans and steel cans our program will offer:

 Expanded Paper Recycling

In addition to newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and corrugated cardboard, you can now use your blue recycling cart to recycle these new paper products as well:

  • ➜ Cereal and Cracker Boxes

  • ➜ Envelopes

  • ➜ Junk Mail

  • ➜ Magazines (Including Glossy Print)

  • ➜ Office and Computer Paper

  • ➜ Paper Grocery Bags

  • ➜ Paper Egg Cartons

  • ➜ Phone and paper backed books

  • ➜ Pizza Boxes

  • ➜ Soda Cases, Etc.

 Recycle More Plastics:

The recycling program accepts all plastic bottles, Numbers 1 through 7 (except motor oil bottles).

 Plastics We Do Not Recycle:

There are still a lot of plastics we do not recycle because there are no markets for the material and the recycling center will not accept them. Please make sure you recycle only those items we can recycle.

Do not recycle the following plastic regardless of the number on the bottom:

  • ➜ Clothes Hangers

  • ➜ Deli Containers

  • ➜ Frozen Food Containers

  • ➜ Microwave Dinner Plates

  • ➜ Motor Oil Bottles

  • ➜ Plastic Bags

  • ➜ Plastic Buckets or Pails

  • ➜ Plastic Film or Wrap

  • ➜ Styrofoam

 Most Common Recycling Errors:

The Recycling Department recently sorted through recyclables we collected looking for some of the common mistakes Lyndhurst recyclers make. Here are the most common items that residents put in their recycling carts that should have been put in the trash.

  • ➜ Using recycling container for trash.

  • ➜ Putting recycling in old buckets, bins or trash cans that we assume is trash.

  • ➜ Not putting or placing recycling in a separate area - please place at least five feet from other containers.

  • ➜ Not cleaned or rinsed out - No dirt or soil in yard planters or pots, no food residue, no cat litter, etc.

  • ➜ No window glass, ceramic dishes or cups.

  • ➜ No small appliances - coffee makers, toasters, etc.

  • ➜ No plastic buckets, bins, pails, trash cans, broken laundry baskets, trash can lids, milk crates, pop cases, etc.

  • ➜ No styrofoam (whole pieces or peanuts).

  • ➜ Don't hide unacceptable items in recycling or trash: Paint, styrofoam peanuts, etc.

 Hazardous Household Waste:

Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) is accepted during our weekend rubbish program hours 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday from mid-April through mid-November. Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) can also be dropped off at the Service Department during regular office hours 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The following are considered Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) and should not be put into regular trash. These items should be dropped off:

  • ➜ 4' & 8' florescent bulbs, please take CFLs to Home Depot for recycling

  • ➜ Batteries - car, Ni-cad & lithium. Alkaline batteries can be disposed in the rubbish

  • ➜ Fertilizers

  • ➜ Fire extinguishers

  • ➜ Household cleaners

  • ➜ Motor oil, kerosene, gasoline & antifreeze

  • ➜ Paints - latex & oil based in sealed original containers

  • ➜ Pesticides

  • ➜ Propane tanks

  • ➜ Turpentine, paint remover & solvents

Tires are only accepted (off the rim) during weekend rubbish hours in late summer/early fall for one month. Please call for an updated time.

Computers can be recycled, either place them on your treelawn in front of the blue recycling cart (on the street side) or drop them off at the Service Department office during regular working hours, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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