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The Bureau of Traffic Safety and Engineering, (Traffic Bureau) has overall responsibility for the processing of all Motor vehicle Crash Reports taken by the Department. These reports are processed for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the various courts, Insurance Companies , lawyers and citizens who need copies. In the year 2011, the Bureau processed 622 Motor Vehicle Crash Reports. The Bureau is commanded by a Lieutenant of Police and is assisted by an Administrative Assistant. The Bureau Commander is responsible for the placing and maintenance of all traffic control devices, signs and signals as well as fleet maintenance of Department vehicles. The Bureau tabulates and records all traffic citations issued by the Department and assists the city prosecutor in preparing cases for Court.
In the year 2011, officers working with the Traffic Bureau participated in Bicycle Safety and Seat Belt safety programs in the schools as well as the AAA Helmet Smart program. These programs are part of yearly projects conducted by the Police Department. The safety of the motoring public as well as the citizens of this community is of paramount concern of the members of this Department. This concern results in a very effective pro-active approach to traffic enforcement.
In the year 2011 the Lyndhurst Police Department:
  • Issued a total of 3,199 traffic citations. Of these:

  • 787 were for Speed

  • 728 were for red light violations

  • 54 were for driving under the influence (DUI)

  • 144 drivers were cited for driving under suspension

  • 833 Parking Citations

    All road construction projects are reviewed by the Traffic Bureau Commander as for needs of signing, detours and other traffic safety concerns.
    The Bureau Commander is responsible for the hiring, training and posting of 4 school crossing guards.
    Traffic Crash records may be obtained from the Traffic Bureau Monday - Friday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, closed during the lunch hour from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM. Please call before stopping in to assure that someone will be available to assist you.
    If you cannot get to the Police Department before 3:00 PM, call the Traffic Bureau and the report will be prepared for you and left at the Communications Center. The telephone number for the Traffic Bureau is (440) 442-1234.

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