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Rick Porrello, Chief of Police:   

Rick Porrello was raised in Cleveland Heights where he graduated from "Heights High" in 1980. Coming from a musical family, much of his childhood was spent in private lessons for drums and piano. In 1981 he followed in his brother Ray's footsteps as drummer for Sammy Davis Jr. Porrello spent the next two-and-a-half years traveling internationally with the legendary entertainer.

Beckoned by a longtime interest in police work, Porrello left his early success in music having decided that protecting the public was more important than entertaining them. He enrolled at Lakeland Community College where he earned an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. In 1986 he received his Ohio Peace Officer certification from the Cleveland Heights Police Academy and began his law enforcement career as a patrolman for the Village of Mayfield. He spent much of his off-duty time researching and writing about organized crime in Cleveland--an interest sparked by curiosity about the murders of his grandfather and three uncles during Prohibition-era gang violence.

Wanting to serve in a larger community with more opportunity, Porrello left Mayfield Village for Lyndhurst in 1988 where he served as a patrolman and field training officer until his promotion to sergeant in 2000. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2001 and attended basic and advanced Police Executive and Administrative Leadership School. He won an award for a joint investigation with the F.B.I. on an extensive fraud case involving the internet auction site eBay.

Porrello was promoted to Chief of Police on Jan. 2, 2009. When his duties allow, he still plays an occasional jazz gig and continues writing. He has authored three books, including one about infamous racketeer Danny Greene, who was killed, ironically, in Lyndhurst in 1977. A film based on that title hit theaters in 2009. Chief Porrello is a consulting producer on several other film projects and a regular presenter about the history of organized crime in northern Ohio. In 2011 he was a keynote speaker at the Ohio Attorney General's Law Enforcement Conference in Columbus. In June, 2012, he received the Ohio District 7 Veterans of Foreign Wars' Police Officer of the Year award for his personal and professional achievements.

Chief Porrello enjoys meals out with his wife, movies and fun time with his two children, and is not opposed to cooking dinner.

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