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Sections on this page:
From the Mayor's Desk: 02/16/2011
From the Mayor's Desk: 09/27/2010
From the Mayor's Desk: 05/17/2010
From the Mayor's Desk: 10/3/2009
From the Mayor's Desk: 5/8/2009

From the Mayor's Desk:
Released: 2/16/2011

Dear Neighbors,
As I sit down to write this letter on the first day of February, the National Weather Service is telling us to brace for a major winter storm... I can only hope that the severe weather passes over greater Cleveland and Lyndhurst, but just in case we have readied the snowplow, and salt trucks, our safety forces are on alert and we will be ready to assist our residents in any way we can. As always, we are ready.
The City of Lyndhurst has entered 2011 a bit battered from the economic downturn in the country, but in no means down for the count. I am pleased to say that a balanced budget will be presented to City Council, a budget that maintains the same levels of service and programs that we had in 2010. This is no small accomplishment, and one that the residents of Lyndhurst should be proud of. My administration and City Council has worked tirelessly to make sure that your tax monies are being spent on what is needed to keep Lyndhurst a vibrant, viable community. What does this mean for you? Well for one thing it maintains your property value in a housing market that has taken a beating. Statistically, homes in Lyndhurst have sold in a shorter time than homes in neighboring communities. Lyndhurst is a desirable place to live, work, raise a family and retire too.
Our department heads have all been working to obtain grants that are available to municipalities, in the first two months of 2011 we have already accepted two grants that will be used to provide an energy efficient chiller unit for the City Hall complex and skylights and a "green" roof for the Fire department apparatus room. There are many grants available out there and you can be assured that we will do all we can to obtain them.
I am also happy to report that our refuse/recycling program has been a huge success. Since the implementation of automated rubbish, our costs have gone down significantly. In 2008 we sent $970,151 to collect residents trash in the city. Last year we spent $629,219 this is around a 35% decrease. These decreases can be attributed to our automated single stream recycling program and our yard waste program that started last year. With automated recycling we have made it easier for residents to recycle more. This is due to the increased size of the container provided. Last year we were able to recycle 1500 tons of single steam recycling. The cost of this program has also been lowered by 30%. In addition we entered into a five year recycling contract with eleven other eastside communities. We are currently receiving a rebate of $30 per ton for the recycling we collect. This rebate allows us to further control costs and use less tax dollars to provide these necessary services. I urge you to participate in the recycling program if you don't already.
Work on the new Brainard Park Sprayground has begun and you can look forward to it opening in mid June 2011. This amenity will be a pleasant addition to our Pool, and playing fields in the City.
As we fast approach spring, I hope everyone has an opportunity to get out in their yards and neighborhoods to enjoy the many blessings we have here in our community.
Joseph M. Cicero, Jr.
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

From the Mayor's Desk:
Released: 9/27/2010

Dear Neighbors,
As summer winds down and we await the cool breezes and changing colors of Fall I hope that you all had an enjoyable Summer. The summer of 2010 has proven to be one of the warmest on record and it certainly showed by the attendance at Lyndhurst Pool, the ball diamonds, and the many friends out for a stroll in the warm summer air.
A sure sign that summer is ending was the annual Lyndhurst Homedays celebration held the weekend after Labor Day. As in years past the Homedays Committee did a fantastic job of putting together a spectacular weekend. From the Teen Dance on Friday night to the sounds of Revolution Pie on Sunday night, a good time was had by all. Even the rain on Saturday evening did little to dim the fun of our Homedays. As was summed up by my grandson J.D. Sega when he announced "Poppy, this is so much fun!", my Homedays was complete. I hope you had as much fun as J.D. and I did.
Please be sure to read through the various articles in this newsletter as we share quite a bit of information that can help you in the months to come.
As my administration and City Council begin to work on the 2011 budget, I would like to thank you, the residents of Lyndhurst, and the employees of this City, for your understanding, support, and cooperation as we all worked to weather the economic downturn we have experienced. I can assure you that we will again work hard to provide you all with the services and amenities that we have enjoyed.
Lyndhurst is a "Community of Neighbors" because of all of you. Your comments, support, and recommendations are always appreciated. I look forward to seeing you this Fall.
Joseph M. Cicero, Jr.
City of Lyndhurst, Ohio

From the Mayor's Desk:
Released: 5/17/2010

Dear Neighbors,
I hope you have been enjoying the beginning of spring and the mixed-up weather that we have all come to expect here in Northeast Ohio... As I write I am feeling confident that we can remove the snow plows and salt spreaders from the City Trucks, but Service Director Glady continues to caution me not to hold my breath... Oh well, let's just wait and see.
Quite a bit has been going on in your City over the winter months that have given us the opportunity to enhance, change and improve many services that we provide to the residents of the City of Lyndhurst. The economic climate has proven to be a challenge for all of us, and here at City Hall Council and my administration have been working hard to continue the sound and strong financial planning that we have all come to expect.
With the downturn in the economy Lyndhurst has had to take a hard look at many of the services and amenities we provide and as you have seen some changes have been made. Brainard Pool is closed and Council has approved moving ahead with the construction of a Spray/Play ground on the site of the pool. On average it costs the city over $150,000 to operate, staff and maintain Brainard Pool every year. This has been difficult over the last few years with the economy. By replacing the Pool with a Spray/Play Ground we will continue to provide an amenity to our community, enhance our already beautiful park and save nearly $100,000 per year.
Next, our trash and recycling pick-up has been overhauled with new automated trucks and containers for your residences. Although I know that this has been a difficult transition for some of you, for the most part it has been a tremendous success within the community. Not only have we been able to reduce our expenses in this line item by over $500,000 a year, we have also had a tremendous decrease in what we haul to the dump with more residents now utilizing recycling and disposing of yard waste in separate bags and containers. (If you have not done so already, make sure you pick up the yellow 'Yard Waste' stickers from the Service Department to affix to your 'old' trash containers). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and in so doing... you become a part of helping us utilize your tax dollars to the benefit of the whole community as well as the overall "green" initiative to help protect our environment.
The City's finances, in light of the current economy in the country, continue to be a challenge. Council and I are working hard to meet that challenge and assure that Lyndhurst maintains its hometown, neighborhood quality. Over the last year, Lyndhurst has experienced a re-evaluation of its property taxes and a decrease in income taxes, which has had a major impact on our budget of an estimated $1 million dollars. We have managed this decrease in revenue with sound financial planning. All employees have accepted a pay freeze for 2010 and have been instrumental in working hand in hand with my administration to cut costs and present new ways of providing services and amenities. The implementation and revamping of programs and staffing here at City Hall is a direct result of working with City employees and Department heads. With all this cooperation we have been able to reduce the overall 2010 budget by 7.1% and still maintain the integrity of our services to you.
As always, we are here if you have any comments or questions. Please enjoy a safe and happy summer!
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

From the Mayor's Desk:
Released: 10/3/2009

Dear Neighbors,
As summer comes to a close, the children are back in school, the summer sports leagues are over and we await the brilliant color change of the trees in our yards, I'm sure you reflect like I do on all that has been accomplished over the summer months. In the City of Lyndhurst, we have been very busy. Over nine hundred thousands dollars has been put into the repair, resurfacing and general upgrade to our streets and sewers, making sure that our city remains a desirable place to live and play. We have seen our automated recycling program succeed beyond our expectations, by eliminating over 500 tons of garbage from our waste stream and we now see these recyclables going through the system to be re-utilizedů.for our part Lyndhurst is looking to help contribute to the Green initiative. With the success of the automated trucks and recycling, we will be instituting a similar program with our garbage pick-up. With the help from a grant from the Bureau of Workman's Compensation we have purchased automated trucks for trash collection. These trucks will work the same way as the recycling trucks do. One man can operate the truck picking up and dumping trash, essentially doing the job of 4 people. Not only is this a more efficient system of trash collection but it is also an economical savings for the City. A very welcomed relief in these difficult economic times.
The City of Lyndhurst has also recently partnered with the National League of Cities to offer our residents a free prescription discount card that provides average savings of 20% off retail price of prescription medications. Now residents who are without health insurance or a traditional pharmacy benefit plan, or have prescriptions not covered by insurance have a solution to obtain medication at a discount. There is no cost to the City of Lyndhurst to provide this program; this is collaboration with the National League of Cities and Lyndhurst. ID cards can be picked up at City Hall, the Office on Ageing in the Lyndhurst Community Center and at local retail establishment in Lyndhurst.
In the next few weeks you will be receiving in the mail an overview of the City financials and a simple explanation on where your tax monies are spent and the services that are offered to our residents. As Mayor, I am often asked, "How is our City doing?" When we look at the big picture Lyndhurst is no different than many other suburban Cities or Villages. We are an upper middle-class city with homes that range in price from $100,000 to one million dollars. Quite a nice diversity. Our schools, though challenged, are rated from effective to excellent. Our neighborhoods are neat and clean, our streets are safe, and our residents are content. What does the future hold for Lyndhurst? Like you, I can't see into the future, but I do know that working together with our City Council, and you our neighbors we have been able to accomplish a great deal. We have a common resolve to do all within our collective means to weather this economic storm. Lyndhurst is our home, it is your home and both your City Council and I sincerely appreciate your support and trust in our stewardship of our "Community of Neighbors".
If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at city hall. As autumn, Thanksgiving and winter approach, (oh how that word sends chills through me) let us all take time to enjoy the many blessings we have in our life. I hope to see you around town.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

From the Mayor's Desk:
Released: 5/8/2009

Dear Neighbors,
Well, it looks like we made it through the long, cold days of winter and the ever warming days of spring are upon us. If you are like the rest of us I am sure that you are getting out in your yard and doing that spring yard clean up and getting the flower beds ready for all those flowers. It always makes me so very proud of our community as my wife and I walk around the neighborhoods and see all of you out there taking such pride in your home and yards. Here at City Hall we take the vibrancy and viability of our community very seriously. Our Building Department is always on the lookout for homes and yards that are not in compliance with the City of Lyndhurst's housing codes. We are not out to "get ya", just out to make certain that our community is in good order.
Again, as in years past, the city will provide weekend rubbish drop off at City Hall until mid November on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 aAM - 3:30 PM. Pull into the main entrance of City Hall and look for the garbage trucks between the Service Buildings (during construction of the City Hall Parking Lot the trucks will be located behind the Main Service Building.).
Within the next few weeks all residents of the City of Lyndhurst will be receiving an annual "State of the City" letter from me and a brief update on the city financials and how this economic downturn has affected us in Lyndhurst. I can assure you that City Council and my administration are working very hard to continue to provide the services and amenities that we have all come to expect. Not all of the decisions are or will be easy, but we will continue to strive to be good stewards of your tax dollars.
Please know that as always both Council and I are here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.
I look forward to seeing you around around The Neighborhood.
Joseph M. Cicero Jr., Mayor

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